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ISO-9001 and ISO/TS-16949 training

We, at Professional Services, specialize in dealing with all types and size of manufacturing and service industries preparing for ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO-9001:2008 and ISO-13485:2003 Certification by providing quality training and consulting services and/or can help in any other areas of the quality system such as Internal Audits, Second Party Audits, Supplier Audits, Internal Auditor Training —etc. to name a few.

Professional Services specialize in auditing services for internal audit, Supplier audit, External audits, ISO audits, ISO-13485 Audits, TS-16949 Audits, Gap analysis and Preassessment per International Standrards—ISO-9000, ISO-13485 and TS-16949 for
any quality management system.

Professional services also provides internal auditor training, Quality auditing, ISO consulting,
TS consulting and can prepare ISO auditor, TS auditor and Medical device auditors.

Professional service is expert in performing quality auditing and ISO consulting for organizations to successfully prepare for ISO certification, TS certification and ISO-13485 certification.

Our trainings include-Internal auditor training, ISO auditor and TS auditor training for the organizations who want to perform 1st party and/or second party audits including supplier audit, internal audit, gap analysis etc.

Internal auditor training is crucial part of the quality management system in order to sustain and continually improve ISO certification and/or TS certification.

Professional services produce top notch internal auditor [ISO auditor and/or TS auditor] thru imparting vigorous and practical internal auditor training for quality management system in ISO-9000, ISO-13485 and TS-16949 standards. Auditor training provided by us will help the organization to perform quality auditing by professionally trained ISO auditor, TS auditor and/or Medical device auditor.

ISO auditor, a key player to quality management system for any organization, must be trained and qualified thru very comprehensive internal auditor training or auditor training to perform quality auditing.

Other important function of any quality management system is suppliers’ base of qualified suppliers that can be achieved thru quality auditing of supplier audits by trained auditors such as ISO auditor, TS auditor or as applicable auditor to the ISO standard

Professional services help develop and implement cost-effective quality management system to ISO certification, ISO-9000, TS-16949 and/or ISO-13485. Quality auditing performed by the ISO auditors trained in internal auditor training is utmost important and professional services deliver this on guaranteed basis.

Professional Services guarantee total customer satisfaction for all services and or training provided including ISO consulting for ISO certification, Internal auditor training and any types of audits performed-i.e internal audit, gap analysis, preassessment, supplier audits etc.

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