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See If We Can Help

Dear Executive:

First of all, if your organization is ISO-9000 or ISO-13485 or TS-16949 certified, we sincerely congratulate as you have come the long way to set apart yourself from rest of the organizations.

Secondly, as you and I both know that no one is perfect and there is always room for improvement, keeping that in mind, we have developed this BUSINESS QUIZ to SEE IF WE CAN HELP. Please take a few moments to evaluate the current status of your organization. We are quite sure that we can help you to meet your quality needs on-time and as promised, if chosen to be your partner in concerned project. Find out for yourself to SEE IF WE CAN HELP! Ask each question to yourself and your organization in all honesty and sincerity and answer as Y for 'YES' or N for 'NO' at the end of each question.

  • Is your company's Quality System ISO-9000, ISO-13485 or TS-16949 certified?

  • Are you on the right track towards preparing your company for ISO-9000 or ISO-13485 or TS-16949 registration?

  • Does your Customer Satisfaction level meet and/or exceed your goal?

  • Do you handle customer complaints as effectively as they should be?

  • Does your 'Corrective and Preventive Action' program bring continuous reduction in quality problems and customer complaints?

  • Do you (as a management team) perform effective and action-oriented management reviews that accomplish and bring desired results?

  • Does your company conduct fact-finding and results oriented Internal Audits by maintaining independence?

  • Are your internal auditors well trained and qualified to do internal audits?

  • Does Quality and Productivity of your company meet and/or exceed established goals?

  • Do you have good awareness of both quality and productivity throughout the company?

  • Do you achieve continuous reduction in scrap, rework and/or repair?

  • Do you have system to monitor and identify process variations?

  • Do you have program(s) or system(s) in place to improve bottom line of your organization's financial posture?


    CONGRATULATIONS if you answered 'YES' to ALL Questions! You are doing great, keep up with excellent organization! YOU DO NOT NEED OUR HELP.

    YOU NEED HELP and WE CAN HELP, if you answered 'NO' to any question(s).

    Please E-mail this survey AFTER filling out the following information to us for NO COST--NO OBLIGATION Initial meeting or interview. E-Mail: vlc123@sbcglobal.net

    YOUR NAME AND JOB TITLE:____________________

    COMPANY NAME AND ADDRESS: _________________

    TYPE OF BUSINESS:___________________________

    PHONE & FAX NUMBERS:_______________________

    E-MAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________

    BEST TIME TO CONTACT:________________________


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