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Selecting An ISO or ISO/TS Consultant

Since there are numerous ISO consultants out there, it may be difficult and confusing to select the right consultant for your organization. Keep in mind that a right consultant for your organization may not be necessary right choice for the other organization.

Following guidelines will help you in this selection process during your initial inquiry and/or interview:

Full understanding of the applicable ISO/TS standard.
Years of experience in consulting and auditing.
How many years experience in quality? In what positions?
Experience in your(client's specific) industry from consulting and Auditing both.
Education and professional certifications.
Is he/she continuously practicing both consulting and auditing? (Audits here are referred as auditing for the registrars)
How many clients passed first time?
Does he/she perform the work in timely manner and as promised?
Ask for references and check them out.
Is auditor RAB/QSA and IATF recognized Lead Auditor? (i.e ISO/TS-16949 and/or ISO-9001 and/or ISO-13485 certified lead auditor?)
How much time does he/she spend between consulting and auditing? i.e. how many audit are conducted per month for the registrars? At the same time how many clients does he/she working at any given time?
Does he/she be present during the final(certification) audit ?
Ask specific reasons: why should you choose them?
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