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Internal Quality System Audits


We perform the internal audits of your quality system on a contract basis. Your organization may be performing this internal audit already. You may ask question: why do I need someone from outside to perform the internal audit? Even though you are performing internal audits on regular basis utilizing your organization’s internal auditors, it is a very good idea to have a complete internal audit performed by the experienced outside professional at least once annually.

The reason? Ask your self these questions--

  • Are your internal auditors trained thoroughly to perform audits ?
    (i.e. are they prepared via 4-8 hours training internally or have they gone through formal 2-3 days training offered by the professional group?)
  • Are your internal auditors able to maintain the pure independence? ( i.e. not to audit their own areas or activity for which they are involved and/or are responsible.)
  • Are your auditors use effective and practical checklist that is suitable to your organization?
  • Do auditors find, document and handle all findings and observations properly?
  • Are auditors comfortable and confident to audit management responsibility area thoroughly?
  • Do auditors perform value-added audit ?
  • You do not need internal audit performed by us, if you answered ‘YES’ to all above questions.

    But here are the facts of the life that we know from our experience from performing the audits for both the registrars and our clients---

  • You cannot see forest through the trees - i.e. to close to the system to see obvious.
  • You are solely relying on feedback from your registrars audit.
  • You have difficulty in understanding and deploying registrars audit observations.
  • You have no findings during your internal audits!—everything is great!
  • Does any of above scenario look familiar? In most cases, we will say ‘YES’, whether you will admit it or not.

  • Years of auditing experience for auditing both registrars and our clients.
  • Thorough audit and detail report of all findings including opportunities for     improvements.
  • Offer solutions and help implement each finding.
  • Organization is too small to perform your own audit independently.

    We do perform these internal audits at the cost affordable to your organization. As an old saying: A picture is more worth than thousand words. In our business: An idea is more worth than thousand dollars.
    This is dependent on type, size, No: of people and nature of business and can be worked out at a firm fixed cost BEFORE the projects begin.

    For quote, please contact us.

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