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Professional Supplier Audits


• Do you have adequate resources to audit suppliers?
• Are you getting the desired results from your suppliers?
• Does it meet your need[s] with a pencil whipped audit form sent by    supplier?
• Are you fully budgeted to perform on-site supplier audits?
• Can you rely on your suppliers based on their ISO, TS or other   accredited Certificate to guarantee quality products on-time?

If you answer ‘NO’ to any question[s], you need Cost-Effective Supplier Audits that develop and/or qualify the new supplier and also help continually improve certified [approved] supplier[s] for quality, cost, delivery and reliability.

A supplier quality audit is more than just walking a supplier's shop floor and looking around that include lots tracking, quality monitoring thru metrics, NC Control, inspection---etc. to name a few.

If there's one thing you need to protect, then your company's reputation. Relationships with suppliers depend on detailed contracts. But, more importantly, on trust. Auditing your suppliers gives you the assurance you need. Which is why Professional Services offers efficient and effective 2nd party audits for your suppliers.

We perform a comprehensive and thorough audit of your potential supplier for qualification purposes or can do the same for an existing supplier for their development on a contract basis at a cost affordable to you.

We can perform supplier audits for any of the following International Standards—
• ISO-9001:2008
• IS/TS-16949:2009
• ISO-13485:2003
• 21CFR820
• AS-9100
And any other standard[s] that is not listed here.

This is dependent on type, size, No: of people and nature of business and can be worked out at a firm fixed cost BEFORE the projects begin.

For quote, please contact us.

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