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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellence job you did assisting us achieve our ISO-9002 Certification.
Amoco Corporation
Thank you for your individual assistance in preparing Tab Chemicals for ISO-9002 Certification. I gladly give you my highest recommendation.
TAB Chemicals, Inc.
Your experience and knowledge-the accomplishment of our certification-just as was guaranteed by you. Best of all, we passed the audit with zero non-compliance. Knowledge and Skills-you have them both perfected to a remarkable degree.
Midwest Zinc, Inc.
You gave very professional service,-- you had full confidence that we would get registered to ISO-9001 and within time table and budget - compliments on job well done.
S.I.Tech, Inc.
Very high degree of subject knowledge, implementation, experience and professionalism.
Petro-Vend, Inc.
With your overall industrial knowledge, background in ISO and your high degree of professionalism, you will be able to help many companies achieve ISO success.
Bio-Moneculars, Inc.
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