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consulting and auditing

Why Choose Us For Your ISO Consulting Needs?

Compare these features and you will rule out more than 98% consultants!
Expertise of both worlds-Consulting and Auditing
Firm fixed price-No surprises
Guaranteed results
Total Customer Satisfaction
On time and as promised delivery of services
100% success rate
On Site Services
Post Delivery Services
 Expertise of Both Worlds ! Auditing and Consulting

Victor Chaudhari, the principal consultant, currently practices both auditing and consulting, while maintaining the pure independence of from each other-i.e. We can not consult the company we audit for registrars and we can not audit the company for registrars, if we have performed consulting services for it.

Principal Consultant have performed more than 700 audits for several registrars that include both ISO-9000:1994, ISO-9001:2008, QS-9000, ISO/TS-16949:2009, ISO-13485:2003 and 21CFR820 [GMP Audits]. At the same time have prepared several clients for the registration/certification audits. Therefore, we are very experienced and are on both sides of the fence continuously and constantly. And that makes BIG difference: We know how to prepare you exactly, as we know exactly what and how you will be audited!

 Firm Fixed Price- No Surprise

Yes, we strongly believe and offer one firm price*.
We do not believe in charging you as we go along and progress on the project, as it may turned out to be very expensive affair! We have heard may sour stories about the clients being burnt!

* Firm price excludes travel costs which are kept to minimum and per receipt.

 Guaranteed Results

We guarantee the product and services that are delivered to you. If you are not satisfied, we are not either, although this is our last and least worry in our business, as we have 100% success rate.

This means that we make sure that you achieve the desired results-i.e. Successfully pass the certification audit and/or upgrade audit, receive the desired results from the training received from us,-etc. If necessary, We work with you to make it right to your satisfaction at NO COST TO YOU.

 Total Customer Satisfaction

We will deliver services as promised and on-time to your complete satisfaction. We have done it time after time. You are not just an other client or a number when dealing with us. To us, you are our life time partner whose goodwill and trust are most important to us so that you may tell others about us.

For any reason, if you are NOT satisfied, tell us. We will make it right to your satisfaction-i.e. we will work with you at your convenience AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! If this does not resolve the issue(s), we will cost you nothing!!

This is our Promise.

 On time and as promised delivery of services

Before we begin the project, we understand each others' need and requirements and set the goal - i.e. the specific date(s) that project needs to be completed. For an example, let us say that your organization wants to pursue for TS-16949:2009 certification. Our number one priority is to set the goal and mark those date(s) on the calendar for registration audit and then start planning the project to meet those promised delivery dates!

So far, we have not missed anyone's target. Our on time delivery is 100%! *

* If for any specific and justified reason, client is not ready and want to extend the completion dates, we work with them and we do not consider that not delivering as promised. Keep in mind, we believe in TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
 100% Success Rate

Our success rate is 100%. All our clients have passed their registration audit at first trial -i.e. had been recommended and were certified for respective standards - (ISO-9000, QS-9000, etc.).

Some of our clients have passed their audit with zero (0) noncompliance's from the registrars!
 On Site Services

All our services are offered at your site regardless of location! This alone will $ave you thousands of dollars in travel cost and travel time.

Besides, we offer our services to the group rather than an individual to $ave you even more. Also, we are cost-effective and do minimize on travel trip(s) and travel costs on our part - i.e. we do not visit you unless absolute necessary. We plan ahead of time and try to group the several activities after prioritizing in order to make most for the day.
 Post Delivery Services

Our relationship does not end after delivering the products/services on-time and as promised. After completion of the project, our communication lines are still open for you 24/7 throughout the year. If you have any questions/concerns, you may call, fax or e-mail us and we will get back to you within a week or sooner, depending on the nature and complexity of the issue and where we are logistically on that day. We will contact you and help to resolve those issues AT NO COST TO YOU*

We will also keep you updated on any latest development in the area(s) of services provided to you.

In most cases, we have not charged anything for this service as long as your inquiry/concern/issue do not take more than reasonable time on our part.
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